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OpenVPN install and config guide for Windows OS, Linux and Mac OS X

Download our compressed OpenVPN config file here: OpenVPN config file of All VPNGates servers

How to Install OpenVPN client and config it on Win10, Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP, Win2000?
Step 1: Download and Install openvpn client here: OpenVPN Client Dialer
Step 2: Extract client config file to your openvpn config folder. Such as "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config"
Step 3: Run OpenVPN GUI, then right click icon of openvpn on tray, click "Connect" to connect to our openvpn server with your openvpn account.
Please note: You must run OpenVPN GUI as Administrator on Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10 (Right click OpenVPN GUI then click menu item "run as administrator")

How to Install OpenVPN client and config it on Mac OS X?
2. The disk image (dmg) will download and automount then open the mounted image in your finder
3. In the same finder window, drag and drop the Tunnelblick icon into your Applications folder, you will be prompted for the system password
4. Choose a config file in folder "VPNGatesOvpnAllServers" that you downloaded above and extracted automatic in downloads folder by Mac OS X
5. Double click the config file to apply it
6. Repeat step 4 - 5 you can apply all of our openvpn config files, or choose some that you want
7. Click icon of tunnelblick on top-right of your screen.
8. Click menu itme "connect ..." to connect to our server with your VPN account.

How to Install OpenVPN client and config it on Linux OS?
Search how to install openvpn on the linux version that you used and add our config file that you downloaded to openvpn configure folder on your computer.

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